Practice Consulting

Medical Practice Solutions has professionals on staff to consult with on much of your nonclinical needs. We help you with the details of opening your own medical practice or refining your existing practice. Here are some examples of what our consulting services include: establishing a new practice, revenue cycle/reimbursement assessment, Human Resources.

New Practice Start-Up Support

Our service can be scaled to your needs. Basic guidance includes meeting(s) and a checklist with timelines to ensure that your timing is on track and your steps are all executed. Our premier service will include regular meetings and all nonclinical/business details executed by our office. This will leave you with the time needed to execute your plan for patient care.

Revenue Cycle/ Reimbursement Assessment

Have you ever vetted the effectiveness of your current process? MPS can evaluate your current billing process and report on the opportunities for improvement in your revenue cycle management or simply validate how your best practices measure up. This service will review all aspects of your revenue flow to ensure maximum reimbursement levels and efficient resource allocation.

Human Resources Consulting

As with any service entity, our people are both our greatest asset and greatest worry. MPS can navigate you through these waters to create a corporate culture that is happy, productive and working towards your vision of tomorrow.

If you need more than consulting, see our other services page for examples of how we can get the work done for you.