Healthcare Provider Credentialing Coordination

One of the first steps to payment for services delivered is being accepted by the payors applicable to your specialty. This detailed process is different for all payors and tedious. Medical Practice Solutions has refined this process for all of the major payors so that your application is expedited as quickly as possible.

After Credentialing there is Contracting

After credentialing is complete, the next step is contracting. The payor will offer a contract for your review and acceptance. MPS will help you understand the fee schedule that is being offered. Once the contract is accepted we will track it until it is uploaded into their claims adjudication software. *Never begin seeing patients or submit claims until you have received your effective date, have an executed contract, and have verification that your contract is loaded to the payor’s system.

Re-Credentialing and Renewals

MPS will monitor your participation and notify you when required items are about to expire and when the payer wishes to revalidate or “re-credential” you and/or your entity to ensure there is no lapse in cash flow.

Credentialing and contracting can be a scary world. It can consume more time than you ever thought it would. Errors can cause delays and some errors will negate your entire application. Your revenue depends on quality credentialing and contracting. The best advice is to leave these sensitive items to our credentialing professionals.