Minor Errors Can Be Costly


In the healthcare industry, mistakes can be costly. But we
are human and humans make errors. Mistakes happen so frequently that some
people make a leaving out of looking for and correcting inaccuracies, typos and
miscalculations. Sometimes mistakes hide so well that even after a rigorous
editing process the error still remains. No one is perfect, and missteps will
still be made, but we want to help you avoid them as much as possible.

Mistakes can hide amazingly well. Did you notice the error
in the last paragraph? I hope you did. I replaced the correct word, “living”
and replaced it with a correctly spelled word, “leaving.” This is an oversight
that bypasses the seemingly infallible “spellcheck.” We let spell check correct
minor spelling mistakes. When a word is spelled correctly, it does not always
jump out at you. Reading something that you already know can blind you to small
errors such as these. Your brain already thinks it knows what is correct in the
document and what is incorrect. This can lead to costly errors. Take your time
and see every word and number.

In a similar fashion, skimming over your work can be a fatal
error. We have all skimmed over something that we either thought we knew or
were not really interested in. We have all been in a rush and tried to find the
important parts or we only look for the areas where we normally make mistakes.
The healthcare industry can be busy and fast-paced, but inaccuracies and
miscalculations can cause lawsuits, or even worse, they could negatively affect
someone’s health. Take your time. Read
each word.

Multi-tasking is a skill that not everyone possesses even
though too many people try. Even if you have mastered the art you should avoid
it while editing your own work. Remember, mistakes are great at hiding. Your
work is important and deserves your full attention. Other tasks can wait. The
other tasks are important as well, but one simple typo can cause enormous

One of the best ways to catch errors is to ask for help. A second
pair of eyes can be an amazing resource. An objective viewpoint often times
catches mistakes much easier than the subjective viewpoint. We sometimes
transpose numbers or use incorrect words. Double checking, and even triple
checking your work can be extremely valuable in helping you discover the hidden

If you have further questions on how MPS can help you make
your business run more smoothly, do not hesitate to contact us today. Thinking
your practice can operate at the highest level without outside help might be
the biggest mistake of all.