“EX” is Employee Experience Which Helps Avoid Employee Exit


There is a new buzzword making its way through HR circles.
EX. It is an abbreviation for “Employee Experience.” Focusing on EX is helping
companies bring greater morale in the work space which is affecting profits for
the company. This can be a complete paradigm shift for some. Let MPS walk you
through this.

When employees are more invested in their work, the work improves
drastically. Most owners do not want “punch-in/punch-out” employees who are
around just for the cliché, “Another day, another dollar.” But the big question
is, “How do I get my employees to truly care about what they are doing?”

When focusing on the Employee Experience (EX) you begin to
treat your employees like you would treat your customers. You start to focus on
their needs and wants. Put yourself in their shoes. Picture yourself as a new
hire, or someone stuck in middle management, or a young newlywed on the job who
is expecting. How does their job affect their life? How does their life affect
their job? When you begin to think like your employees think, you understand
their motivations.

Stereotypically, when HR sees a need for a morale boost,
they often resort to the “bells and whistles” approach. This is where they use
perks like free food, new programs and other fun ideas. This works for a while,
but when there is a real problem the employees are not fooled.

Sometimes what is needed is a complete culture change. It is
important to set the culture for your employees. If there is not a set culture,
the culture will evolve on its own. This can cause issues that will be hard to
address down the road. If you are already neck deep in this problem, start
shifting the culture now. It is important to remember that it cannot be fixed
completely overnight. Find your target areas and work them one at a time.

When trying to understand what motivates the employees, an
important tool is simply asking them and listening to their response. We do not
suggest an overlong survey they fill out once a year. Find ways to get feedback
on a continual basis. Try things like one-on-one meetings, small focus groups,
quick surveys and other ways to get anonymous suggestions.

Your employees are important. Take care of them the way you
would want to be taken care of. As you focus on EX, you will begin to not only
see morale boosted, but profits will begin to rise as well. Contact MPS for a
consultation. We would love to help you make your employees happy, which will
make your clients happy, which will make you happy.