“EX” is Employee Experience Which Helps Avoid Employee Exit

“EX” IS EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE WHICH HELPS AVOID EMPLOYEE EXIT There is a new buzzword making its way through HR circles. EX. It is an abbreviation for “Employee Experience.” Focusing on EX is helping companies bring greater morale in the work space which is affecting profits for the company. This can be a complete paradigm shift for some. Let MPS walk you through this. When employees are more invested in their work, the work improves drastically. Most owners do not want “punch-in/punch-out” employees who are around just for the cliché, “Another day, another dollar.” But the big question is, “How... read more

Audits Should Not Be Scary

AUDITS SHOULD NOT BE SCARY It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That is how some people think when they hear the word, “audit.” Everything is going great and then an audit comes around and ruins everything! We’ve all thought that way once in a while. Audits are actually a good thing. When you have regular internal and external coding audits, you actually prevent even scarier ordeals from happening. Ignorance is bliss until your ignorance gets you in trouble. You want insurance companies to pay you for your work. You don’t want to... read more