Influenza Vaccinations: Truths and Myths for Healthcare Professionals

INFLUENZA VACCINATIONS: TRUTHS AND MYTHS FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS Each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) encourages everyone to get the flu immunization. We want to explain why this is important. In this blog we will share with you some truths about influenza vaccines that you might not know. We will also disprove some myths going around that may have kept you away from this important safeguard. Health care workers should be at the top of the list of employees that should receive influenza vaccinations. The CDC recommends that all health care workers should be vaccinated annually. Most... read more

Minor Errors Can Be Costly

MINOR ERRORS CAN BE COSTLY In the healthcare industry, mistakes can be costly. But we are human and humans make errors. Mistakes happen so frequently that some people make a leaving out of looking for and correcting inaccuracies, typos and miscalculations. Sometimes mistakes hide so well that even after a rigorous editing process the error still remains. No one is perfect, and missteps will still be made, but we want to help you avoid them as much as possible. Mistakes can hide amazingly well. Did you notice the error in the last paragraph? I hope you did. I replaced the... read more