***BREAKING NEWS*** From UnitedHealthcare

​Here is a copy of a letter we received from UnitedHealthcare regarding their transition of all their Centennial Care Members which will now go to the Presbyterian Health Plan. Re: UnitedHealthcare Centennial Care Members Will Transition to Presbyterian Health Plan on Sept. 1, 2018 Effective Sept. 1, 2018, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will no longer provide services to New Mexico Centennial Care members. We’re working to transition all UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Centennial Care members to Presbyterian Health Plan Centennial Care by Sept. 1, 2018. This change doesn’t affect Medicare coverage for UnitedHealthcare dual special needs plan (DSNP) members in New Mexico. UnitedHealthcare DSNP will continue... read more

New Medicare ID Numbers!

At last, Medicare will no longer use social security numbers as the beneficiary’s identification number and as a result, remove social security numbers from Medicare cards. The change and mailing of new cards is scheduled to happen in April of 2018. The new “Medicare Number” will be called the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier or “MBI”. To prepare for the change Medical Practice Solutions will be updating our practice management system’s patient numbers to automatically accept the new Medicare number (“MBI”). CMS has provided the following Q & A: Do I need to ask my Medicare patients for information? Verify your... read more